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Welcome to Cream Coffee Stand, a popular cafe located in the heart of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Our cozy cafe offers a variety of services, including dine-in, kerbside pickup, and delivery. With a prime location on Jalan Raja Chulan, we’re a convenient spot to grab a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, or to work remotely. Come and enjoy our warm and inviting atmosphere and our delicious coffee!

Stand-in for Coffee at our Cafe in Bukit Bintang

At Cream Coffee Stand, we understand the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and we know that hard work deserves a reward. That’s why we’re here, serving up breakfast and lunch options that are perfect for those who work hard and need a quick pick-me-up during the day.

We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to create delicious and nutritious meals that give you the energy you need to power through your day. Our coffee is carefully selected and expertly brewed to give you the perfect start to your day, or the perfect midday break.

Loving the aesthetically pleasing transparent cube. Stopped by for a quick take away after lunch. Bonus points for the spill proof lid, it’s perfect when you are taking a... read more

Anna Leong Avatar Anna Leong

Interesting pop-up cafe.

Gabriel J P Loh Avatar Gabriel J P Loh
cafe bukit bintang

When Coffee Meets Bagel

Your Coffee Shop for Quick Bites

Quick bites or love bites, it's your choice

At Cream Coffee Stand, we’re passionate about serving the hard workers of Bukit Bintang with the fuel they need to power through their day. That’s why we offer a variety of delicious breakfast and lunch options, including our specialty sourdough bread, fresh bagels, and flaky croissants. And of course, no meal is complete without a piping hot cup of our premium coffee made with the finest beans.

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Our Best Sellers in bukit Bintang

We believe in the power of good food and great coffee to brighten your day and fuel your productivity

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Your Grab & Go Cafe in Bukit Bintang

We’re located in the hearts of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, right in front of Holiday Express Inn, Raja Chulan.

Our cozy cafe is the perfect place to relax and recharge, whether you’re grabbing a quick meal on the go, or taking a few minutes to sit down and enjoy your food. We believe that good food and great service should be accessible to everyone, and we’re committed to making sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and well taken care of.

So, whether you’re a hard worker in need of a quick breakfast or lunch, or simply looking for a place to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal, we invite you to visit Cream Coffee Stand and experience the best that Bukit Bintang has to offer.

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What our Coffeeholics say

The black coffee is good. They use central America bean, which has very good flavour profile and mild acidity.

Steve Avatar Steve

Cream Coffee Stand by @theroastthings @creamcoffeestand Great to see small coffee stand like this tucked in between office building along Jalan Raja Chulan. The all white and minimalist concept... read more

Anwarul Hakim Avatar Anwarul Hakim

I stopped by Cream Coffee Stand during a busy rush hour and was pleasantly surprised to find such a lovely spot to grab a quick bite. Not only was the... read more

Justin Tai Avatar Justin Tai

A quick bite before you go

Cream Coffee Stand

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